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Paper Airplane Learning Center


Our Mission

At Paper Airplane, we understand that each child is a unique individual and “one size fits all” education does not typically “fit all.” Our program was established with one goal in mind: to offer individualized education for individual kids. Offering self-paced academic instruction by certified teacher, our program strives to target individual strengths and weaknesses in order to establish foundational skills, strengthen comprehension, and build confidence through individual and small group learning sessions. 

Meet the Team

Learning Pod
Baking Cookies

Homeschool Tutoring

Full-Time & Part-Time Academic Support

Individual and group tutoring services for homeschoolers led by certified teachers and trained behavior support staff

Enrichment Classes

Group Classes & Special Clubs

Lessons and activities focused on art, writing/story-telling, health/PE, science, social skills, and more!

Functional Living Program

Applied Academics & Life Skills

Practice with variety of Life Skills including shopping, time management, preparing simple meals, etc. 

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